UBSC Graz vs. BK Armex Decin

85 : 91 (26:24, 45: 54, 62:73)

Jakob.jpg-UBSC Raiffeisen Graz

Without Jonathan Hudson the UBSC-Team started pretty well in the game against the favorit from Decin. In a  high-score-quater could the team of Graz compete with a very aggressive defense. Especially Anton Maresch could show his abilities. The leading position in this quater changed several times. Graz could surprise with plus 2.
The second quater started with advantages for the czech team – especially Carlsson could perform on an impressive way. Until the last 3 minutes of first half no one team could create really big advantages. The last 3 minutes Decin was still certain from the 3-point-line – therefore they could reach a 9-point-lead after the second quater.
During the 3rd quater BK Decin could show more and more their perfomance in a high-percentage shooting – this was the base for 11 points plus after 30 minutes.
The first minutes in the fourth didnot change the situation and BK Decin could perform to a 15-points-lead. But the UBSC-team didnot give up and fightet. Especially Anton Maresch and  CJ Turman pushed the  team to reduce the backlog to minus 6 until the end.

Jakub Dura: We played 35 minutes really a very good basketball – therefore we deserved this win. We had a really nice game in this beautiful gym.

Carlson: After 10 days without a game it was a real good win. We played very good together and moved the ball very well.

Anton Maresch: The team should a good reaction without Hudson. Congratulations to Decin – the scored really very well and deserved at least the win.

MilosSprar: The team showed today a good reaction and energy. Decin scored incredible – congratulations.    

Scorer UBSC: Maresch 22, Nikolic 19,  Turman 16

Scorer Arnex decin: Jezek 15, Carlson 13,  Zikia13



Fotos: Ulrike Huber